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April 2, 2014
Jeffrey Heilbrunn

The Importance of Like in Marketing

We have always known that if a customer likes us, they will be loyal. And loyal customers keep coming back to provide us with a stream of revenue. And loyal customers are a major source of referrals.
But have you ever stopped to consider what constitutes getting a customer to like you. Here are some ideas to consider as you try to improve your like score.
?Meeting Expectations … first and foremost, you have to deliver what you promise on a consistent and reliable basis.
?Warm, & Engaging … being able to gain an emotional connection with your customer will help in gaining on the like scale.
– empathy matters.
?Share Common Ground …. The more you have in common with your target audience, the easier it will be for them to like you. People like themselves so the more you reflect the “self” of the customer, the easier you are to be liked.
? Respect breeds like …respect everything about your customer including their time, their intelligence, their interests, their needs. Show respect in all ways.
?Be the Man …. Be a reflection of your customer. Mimic your audience in terms of language, dress, and values.
?Be Real …. Be believable in the way you print yourself and your company. This comes from a naturalness this exudes authenticity.
?Be Positive …. We tend to like things that are positive, rather then tings focused on the negative. We see this often in politics, as the battering of a competitor takes on more importance in a campaign then dealing with the candidate and their issues. Take the high road.
Like has become a powerful concept in marketing. We want everyone on social media to like us from Facebook entries to Yelp! reviews. So the concept of “Like” warrants our attention and interest.
Jh. March 2014