June 17, 2010
Jeffrey Heilbrunn

Jeff Heilbrunn, the Marketing Sensei, has vast experiences in B2B, B2C, and not for profit marketing activities.

Marketing Consulting
Jeff is available to you for consultation on projects big and small. From strategic choices of direction, partnerships, product development and selection of markets, to tactical solutions including events, sponsorship, promotions and web presence, Jeff has the ability to create programs with impact. Currently Jeff is involved with companies in marketing research, web development, loyalty programming and opinion research. Give the Sensei a call to discuss how your firm might benefit from having Jeff on your team.

Business Development
Jeff has been involved in six start-ups in the past decade. From medical databases to detection of poisonous black mold, Jeff creates programs that get your company to the right markets with the right products. Business development includes complete writing of business plans, development of funding including private funding, bank funding and venture capital, and seeing the business into market activities. Early stage projects are preferred although mid-stage can also benefit from Jeff’s experience and talents.

Customer Satisfaction Implementation
During the 1990’s, Jeff was a leading figure in the customer satisfaction movement, His understanding and contacts can help you to build into your business processes methods to assure customer satisfaction and long term customer loyalty.

Not for Profit Marketing Services
Jeff has 16 years of experience in the NPO sector. Revenue generation is key for the survival of many organizations today. The Sensei has the experience to help your organization improve the top line of revenue; improve member satisfaction; discover and develop new products and services and help you to retain members.

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