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January 8, 2012
Jeffrey Heilbrunn

Marketing Strength Through Weakness

Marketing, whether for beef sandwiches or your own job marketing, can be enhanced by looking at and exploiting a certain weak area in your life and in your business. This sounds a bit counter intuitive to the idea that we should leverage our strengths, so here is the explanation and idea.

In our lives, we have networks of people who may be of help to us, again whether in job searches or in business. Our strongest networks, friends and family, are of course already involved in our marketing, know what we are doing and most importantly, they are a part of our network. So our strongest connects are talking to the same people we are…the idea of “preaching to the choir” comes to mind. So trying hard to leverage our strongest network members might be an exercise in futility. What you might want to consider is a program or process to develop more weak network members who can spread the word to their contacts.
Where can we cultivate more weak network members? We should use the social media approach to include Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and so forth. Joining various groups in these platforms will help to establish additional weak links. I joined about thirty marketing research groups on LinkedIn to get connected. Between these three programs, I probably have over a thousand weak links to exploit. Where else can you find new and weak links? I was playing Words with Friends the other day…more links to people I don’t know. Who knows, maybe Alec Baldwin was on the other end. Consider joining online leagues; co-creating things like music or papers; create campaigns to get your website or blog site linked both in-bound and out-bound; create more linkages with co-workers, vendors, and customers; share your ideas, photos, and more on various social media sites; and there is to reconnect with old high school connections. We are just getting started. Since moving back into the city, I have so many more neighbors. I am going to meetings this week for training and orientation…these are more then educational meetings, they are all rich networking meeting.

So consider the idea that there is strength in weakness…consider the weakest links as perhaps your greatest opportunities to grow your personal, and professional and business networks.
January 8, 2012