June 17, 2010
Jeffrey Heilbrunn

The Marketing SENSEI is proud to have established relations with leading marketing suppliers in important aspects of the business.

Internet Marketing Research
Intergam located at www.intergam.com has conducted tens of thousands of research studies for leading agencies on behalf of major clients in major industries including automotive, computers, food & beverage, and much more. For the trusted source in Internet marketing research, trust Intergam.

Loyalty Programming
My associate, Troy Wise has spent the last year perfecting the software that can be the backbone of a dynamic loyalty program…and at a fraction of the cost of custom programming. The program is aptly named, BUNGEE…the program that keeps customers coming back. For more details contact the Sensei.

Search Engine Optimization
Everyone promises great results, but Treefrog SEO delivers. www.treefrogseo.com

Looking for the a great new sales promotion, liquidator, or imprinted item that will not get thrown immediately into the desk. Contact the Sensei for the latest from the ad specialty world.

Digital Publishing
Ever since writing an article on digital publishing in 2001, the Sensei has been interested in digital publishing. Working with www.readoz.com you can take advantage of a powerful digital publishing machine. Contact Alex Scheckin at Readoz for more information…available for magazines, newspapers, or corporate documentation control.

Corporate Events, Sponsorship and Experiential Marketing
Steve Hamilton and the Sensei worked together years ago…and while the Sensei went his own way, Steve has become a leading authority on Experiental marketing, bringing new products to market, improving retail marketing, and helping marketers worldwide with their engagement of customers. Contact the Sensei or Avista Studios for more details.

The Sensei can help you in many ways….throw the challenge our way and see what develops.